Robotic Skies:
The Total Support Network for Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Robotic Skies is a worldwide network of air agency-approved repair stations that have the aviation expertise and factory training to perform inspections and maintenance that ensure continued operation of your unmanned aircraft systems.

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Save Time and Money: Outsource Your Maintenance Requirements to Robotic Skies
Robotic Skies maintains technical data and maintenance records for your UAS so that any member of the worldwide Robotic Skies support network can quickly get your UAS back in the air — no matter where problems arise.
By relying on Robotic Skies, UAS manufacturers can efficiently and economically provide the necessary services and parts to their customers. Robotic Skies’ maintenance documentation and record keeping unite manufacturers with their customers by providing easily accessible technical information for each make and model as well as the inspection and maintenance records for an individual UAS.

Reap the Benefits of Relying on Robotic Skies

Robotic Skies is ready when you are: No hiring, no space allocation, no headcount increases. Robotic Skies’ turnkey operation saves you the costly expenditure of creating a maintenance facility or finding locations to perform maintenance. When your UAS is market-ready, so is Robotic Skies. We have vast experience in the UAS community which we will put to work for you. Don’t delay coming to market simply because you don’t know how you’ll handle maintenance issues.

We’re trained and certified professionals: In the United States, our Chris-UAS-Repair-1-500pxnetwork locations are certified by the FAA as repair stations. The professionals working on your UAS are the same people who provide work on aircraft costing millions of dollars. Our international locations are all approved as repair stations by their own country’s governing agency. These technicians are held to a high standard of quality, reliability – and predictability and will be easily able to manage all government-mandated paperwork now and in the future as regulatory requirements evolve.

Robotic Skies is where your customers are – worldwide. The UAS community is an international one, and Robotic Skies operates in countries worldwide. And we continue to grow and expand. Our global network offers maximum geographic reach for you.

Whether it’s one unit or a fleet, Robotic Skies can expedite your maintenance needs. We’re one company with many locations. If you’re a fleet operator, that means you’ll no doubt have a Robotic Skies station nearby wherever your UAS is. Whether it’s emergency maintenance to get the UAS flying again or a routine checkup, Robotic Skies is ready.


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