Robotic Skies Consulting Services

For most aviation companies, the emerging unmanned aerial system (UAS) market will quickly become their leading segment of growth. Products will range from manufacturing airframes and components, operational support, and data acquisition and analysis. While this emerging market will not hit its stride until the FAA completes its rulemaking for commercial UAS operations in the National Airspace System (NAS), companies should start preparing now to make the most of this dynamic aviation opportunity.

Robotic Skies made the transition to this new realm of aviation in early 2014. It stands ready to be a pathfinder and source of information to help you plot your company’s course into and through this marketplace. Drawing on its UAS experience, Robotic Skies will be the sounding board that will allow the you to efficiently examine a wide variety of opportunities that the emerging UAS marketplace will create.

We offer consulting services for:

  • Aviation and avionics companies entering the UAS marketplace
  • Corporate flight departments interested in adding UAS capabilities to their existing operations
  • UAS companies seeking airframe and component manufacturing from the aviation industry
  • Unmanned regulatory compliance strategies
  • UAS market and business planning

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