We’re Seeking Repair Stations
for UAS Maintenance Work

Maintaining the commercial Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS or drone) fleet is a huge job, and you already have the talent and equipment in place to undertake this task. UAS maintenance provides an all-new revenue stream for your shop.

Want to explore this option further? If you are open to a new revenue stream, are willing to train and do things differently while serving an emerging industry, take a look at Robotic Skies. You just may be the right shop to expand our worldwide network. More than 100 Repair Stations worldwide have positioned themselves with Robotic Skies to be part of this market.

No franchise fees. No equipment to buy. Just new revenue. How it works: no upfront costs to you. Robotic Skies will find the business, negotiate the rates and bring the UAS customers to you.

Robotic Skies can train your staff, too. Robotic Skies and factory representatives will make training available to your technicians on airworthiness procedures and regulatory requirements as they develop, allowing you to capitalize on this emerging opportunity.

Maintaining the commercial UAS fleet — estimated to be in the thousands in the coming years – is strictly incremental business for you. Your core aviation business can remain as-is with no changes made. What’s more, Robotic Skies brokers using protected localities. That means your shop will have first access option to provide services within an exclusive drive time radius of the shop’s location.


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