Kickstart Seed Fund

Kickstart Seed Fund is Utah’s most active venture capital fund. Kickstart supports the best entrepreneurs in the Mountain West with capital, connections and intelligence to launch hyper-growth companies into the world.

After five years of making Series A investments in Utah, Kickstart’s founder, Gavin Christensen, decided that the lack of seed capital was hurting Utah entrepreneurs and the ecosystem needed a seed fund. Following the launch of its first $8M fund in 2008, Kickstart became known for being accessible, willing to lead investments in promising but early teams, and for being fair with entrepreneurs and investors alike. Kickstart Seed Fund quickly became the most active investor in Utah and is now synonymous with seed capital in the region.



Sun Mountain Capital

Sun Mountain Capital is a diversified private equity firm with investment strategies in both direct investment and fund of funds programs spanning venture capital, mezzanine debt and growth equity.

Sun Mountain Capital was founded in 2006 by a team of senior investment professionals. The team has continued to grow since the Firm’s founding and today encompasses a broad network for deal sourcing and best in class investment diligence and analysis. Post investment, the Firm provides value adding investment management through board of director positions in portfolio companies and membership on Limited Partner Advisory Committees.

In addition to fund management, Sun Mountain also provides discretionary as well as non-discretionary investment advisory services primarily to large institutional investors.