Robotic Skies Customers

These multirotor, rotor, and fixed-wing manufacturers have already chosen to have their products supported through a customized service program from Robotic Skies.


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Aerialtronics designs, produces and services unmanned aircraft systems. In 2014 Aerialtronics successfully launched its 3rd generation system, the Altura Zenith. By collecting aerial data and processing it into valuable information, the Zenith platform gives clients valuable insights to make smart business decisions. The Zenith is designed as an advanced information-collecting platform. It’s a high performance-flying server that records, processes and transmits data back to the cloud where analytics turn it into information.

Marques Aviation

Marques Aviation Ltd is a global aerospace company that provides innovative systems, products and solutions in unmanned aircraft systems to government and commercial clients worldwide.

Latitude Engineering

Latitude Engineering manufactures three distinct UAS aircraft of varying mission capabilities. In addition, Latitude has extensive experience in the integration of autopilots, cameras, sensors and custom software into unmanned aerial platforms, including fixed-wing aircraft, rotor-wing aircraft, and aerostats. The company’s Hybrid Quadrotor technology offers an innovative and logistically simple solution to the problem of vertical takeoff and landing: it combines the vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capabilities of a quadrotor and the efficiency, speed, and range of a normal fixed-wing aircraft.



MULTIROTOR is a pioneer in the UAV market. Long before unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) were commonly known and recognized, by public as well as industry, MULTIROTOR had developed the first micro-multicopter for future-oriented B2B applications in 2008.

Hawk Aerial

Hawk Aerial was founded to help established businesses streamline critical processes by leveraging drones as a platform to obtain the data they need for improved business operation, safety and efficiency.

DPI UAV Systems

DPI UAVs are tandem helicopter and multirotor UAVs that can carry payloads of up to 450 lbs. They are ideal for industries that require precision flight; self-launch/land in unprepared terrain; fully autonomous capabilities; and simple, one-person operation. DPI UAVs are portable and cost-effective for industries such as: agriculture, forestry, wildfire life and safety, fisheries, geochemical discovery, precision photography and videography, precision mapping, search and rescue (SAR), and infrastructure assessment.

Sensurion Aerospace

Sensurion’s aerial portfolio includes: UAS tethered multirotor and fixed wing airframes and subsystems, including micro-avionics, as well as sensor and communications packages for a wide array of field applications. Customers including the military, law enforcement, emergency responders, environmental agencies, researchers, and commercial groups; each using these systems for everything from reconnaissance, communications, and hazard identification and mapping, to agricultural surveys, flood measurement, natural resources tracking, and traffic monitoring.

uAvionix Corporation

uAvionix develops the world’s smallest, lightest and most affordable ADS-B transceivers, transponders, and GPS receivers. Designed for unmanned aircraft, uAvionix has dramatically reduced the size and cost of critical safety components required to fly safely and legally in the National Airspace System (NAS).


Unmanned Systems Incorporated (USI)

USI provides the most qualified and experienced Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) aircrew and test personnel to support all of your UAS needs. Since 2003, we have served as the United States Air Force’s primary contractor for developmental and operational testing of the MQ-1 Predator and MQ-9 Reaper systems. In addition, USI has designed, built, and certified our own small UAS for flight training, research and development, and market survey tasks.

Spectral Sky

Spectral Sky is an expert team of experienced UAS developers, operators, technologists, international marketing and public affairs professionals leveraging decades of military and industry expertise with high performance aircraft manufacturing capability. Our fully autonomous aircraft and services dramatically reduce operational costs associated with flying sensor payloads and subsequent data parsing, analysis and storage.

UKR_Spec logo

UKR_SPEC Systems

UKR_SPEC Systems UAS provide long flight times and secure data transfer. Our video and infrared gimbal systems deliver a high quality, gyro-stabilized, weatherproof platform with easy operation.

Altus Intelligence logo

Altus Intelligence

Altus has developed several platforms, registered two very significant patents for their technology and established itself as CNN’s manufacturer of choice for News gathering drones, including direct contribution to the FAA Pathfinder Program. The Altus team has over 65 years of commercial UAV experience. Altus is a New Zealand based company delivering UAS systems to world markets, principally USA and Europe.

Advanced Aircraft Company logo

Advanced Aircraft Company

Advanced Aircraft Company (AAC) is an aeronautical engineering and aircraft manufacturing company based in Hampton, Virginia. AAC produces vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) unmanned aerial systems (UAS) targeting commercial and military markets. The HAMR UAS is the first aircraft product of AAC, which is a long endurance multi-rotor UAS incorporating aerodynamic improvements and hybrid electric propulsion.

Advanced Aerotronic logo


Aerotronic is a robotics company focused on machine learning and automation for unmanned systems. Their mission is to leverage the power of AI and robotics for air, land, and sea; allowing for autonomous interactions with the physical world in any domain. Their first product, Dauntless, is a 2 meter all weather single rotor UAV.

K2 Unmanned Systems logo

K2 Unmanned Systems

K2 Unmanned Systems is a firm of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) specialists offering FAA Certified Training, Flight Operations and Design Engineering. K2’s vehicles bring high resolution aerial imaging in real-time to First Responders and SAR teams at reduced risk and financial cost than traditional manned aviation. K2 offers a full range of UAV models, from long endurance fixed wing to multi-functional rotorcraft.