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  • Robotic Skies Raises Venture Capital Funding Round

    Robotic Skies announced it has raised a round of venture capital financing

  • uAvionix Partners with Robotic Skies for Global Installation and Maintenance Services

    uAvionix Corporation has chosen Robotic Skies as an installation and field maintenance partner for its line of avionics products designed for commercial drone aircraft.

  • Robotic Skies’ CEO Featured in Avionics News Magazine

    Brad Hayden’s destiny was to be involved in the avionics industry. He was born in Olathe, Kansas, where his father, Steve, worked for King Radio.

  • Aero-TV: Inside AEA 2017 – Robotic Skies

    Aero-TV interviews Robotic Skies President & CEO Brad Hayden at the 2017 Aircraft Electronics Association Convention. READ MORE  

  • Robotic Skies Sees Drones’ Place in Aviation

    If there is any doubt that drones are part of the aviation industry, Hayden does not share them. Raised in the aviation industry, he is now a member of the drone community, too.

  • The Great Embrace: How Drones Can Advance Business

    Small unmanned aerial vehicles can provide various services that complement helicopter operations.

  • Study Reveals Maintenance & Inspections are Key to Drone Safety

    Why avionics shops are positioned well to serve the growing UAS market

  • UKRspecsystems Selects Robotic Skies for Worldwide Services

    UKRspecsystems has selected Robotic Skies to provide worldwide support services for its line of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) products

  • Corporate Aviation Ponders the Drone Tidal Wave

    “It’s almost like every man now suddenly has access to an aircraft, which is actually what this whole phenomenon is all about right? Suddenly you can empower people in the field to use aviation to be more efficient,” said Hayden.​

  • Marques Aviation Partners with Robotic Skies for Global Maintenance

    Marques Aviation Ltd has partnered with Robotic Skies to develop and implement a global maintenance plan for the Marques line of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) products.

  • Robotic Skies CEO to Moderate NBAA UAS Panel

    “The Nuts and Bolts of Operating a Corporate UAS Operation” will be presented as an operations forum at NBAA.

  • Latitude Engineering Partners with Robotic Skies for Global Maintenance

    Latitude Engineering, has chosen Robotic Skies to develop and implement a global maintenance plan for their line of UAS products.

  • Spectral Sky Latest Addition to Robotic Skies Growing Client Base

    Spectral Sky has partnered with Robotic Skies to provide maintenance worldwide for its unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) products.

  • DPI UAV Systems Chooses Robotic Skies for Global Maintenance Support

    DPI UAV Systems (DPI) has selected Robotic Skies as its global field maintenance provider for DPI’s unmanned aircraft vehicles.

  • Aero-TV: Inside AEA 2016 – Robotic Skies

    Aero-TV interviews Robotic Skies President & CEO Brad Hayden at the 2016 Aircraft Electronics Association Convention. READ MORE

  • Drones : How to find the right place to invest

    Robotic Skies is featured in VentureBeat article on investing opportunities in the emerging drone space.

  • UAS Maintenance: The Same, but Different

    When talking about unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, one should remember that the terms can refer to small multirotor systems — like the inescapable DJI Phantoms — to large, fixed-wing aircraft that require long runways to take off and land. What these hobby craft, military systems, and commercial-grade industrial platform have in common is that they are a form of aircraft. Over the years, commercial aviation has developed an enviable, although by no means perfect, safety record. This was Continue Reading

  • Robotic Skies positioned to meet UAS industry’s maintenance needs

    By Patrick C. Miller | February 12, 2016 When businesses are at last in position to launch commercial operations with fleets of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), Brad Hayden and his company Robotic Skies LLC will be will be ready to help them maintain and repair their fleets. Based in Henderson, Nevada, Robotic Skies began two years ago with the idea Continue Reading

  • Measure Teams Up With Robotic Skies To Serve Drone Market

    As part of its effort to provide businesses with turnkey drone solutions, Measure, the nation’s leading operator of drones, has partnered with Robotic Skies, the leader in maintenance services for commercial unmanned aerial systems (UAS). In partnership with Robotic Skies, Measure will provide companies worldwide with a combined package of services through the Drone as a Service® model incorporating drones Continue Reading

  • Sensurion Aerospace Names Robotic Skies as its UAS Global Maintenance Services Provider

    Sensurion Aerospace announced today that it has selected Robotic Skies as its global field maintenance provider for its unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) products. As part of the agreement, the two companies will collaborate to create a customized maintenance program for the Sensurion line of FAA- certified, industrial-grade UAS aircraft. From more than 100 field service centers around the globe, Robotic Continue Reading

  • UAS in Business Aviation Panel Tackles Questions About Emerging Industry at NBAA2015

    “The integration of s-UAS is already happening, and as a result, aviation is about to experience a transformation and expansion of capabilities that we have not seen in our industry, literally, in decades,” said Brad Hayden of Robotic Skies. “The Section 333 exemption process to allow small UAS commercial operations had just been implemented when we met last year in Orlando. Just a year later, over 2,000 companies have been granted exemptions to fly small UAS under line-of-sight restrictions.”

  • Robotic Skies CEO to Moderate NBAA Panel

    The potential for flight departments to add small Unmanned Aircraft Systems to their fleets is focus of panel discussion   Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) create a powerful opportunity for flight departments to become even more relevant and impactful to their corporation’s bottom-line. Hazardous tasks like cell tower, flare stack, and wind turbine inspections that are normally performed by ground-based Continue Reading

  • Aerialtronics Selects Robotic Skies as Airframe Completion and Maintenance Provider

    Aerialtronics, a manufacturer of high performance multirotor aerial platforms, announced today that it has selected Robotic Skies as its completion and maintenance provider for its line of unmanned aerial systems (UAS). Under the partnership, the two companies will collaborate to build a custom maintenance program for the Aerialtronics product line that will be implemented at more than 80 Robotic Skies Continue Reading

  • AirShip Chooses Robotic Skies for UAS Global Maintenance and Support

    A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been formalized between AirShip Technologies Group, Inc. and Robotic Skies, LLC, which forms the framework for global support services for AirShip customers worldwide. AirShip Technologies Group, Inc. ( based in Oregon, and Robotic Skies ( based in Nevada, are now working together to assure certified service, repair and maintenance services are available to AirShip Continue Reading

  • Duncan Aviation Joins the Robotic Skies Network

    Duncan Aviation adds 17 new locations throughout North America to the Robotic Skies network, raising the global footprint to more than 80 Robotic Skies service center locations around the world.

  • Robotic Skies Completes First Field Installation of Garmin® GDL® 84 ADS-B Solution into an Unmanned Aircraft

    Robotic Skies has completed the first field installation of a Garmin GDL 84 Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) datalink solution into an unmanned platform. Garmin dealer Kings Avionics, Inc., of Henderson, Nevada, a full service Part 145 repair facility and Robotic Skies’ founding partner, performed the installation. The GDL 84 was installed into an Unmanned Systems Incorporated (USI) SandstormTM aircraft that is Continue Reading

  • Titus Aviation Symposium Brings Top Minds Together On UAS Integration

      Las Vegas — Rep. Dina Titus held her first Titus Aviation Symposium today here in her district, where speakers and panelists addressed the many challenges facing the aviation industry, including the integration of unmanned aircraft into the national airspace. “This is kind of the future of the industry, and I think Nevada has a role to play a part Continue Reading

  • AvWeb: Google to the Rescue on ADS-B?

    By Paul Bertorelli | April 9, 2015: For what can be a long list of new product introductions, AEA has a great strategy: Give every company five minutes on the stage to make the elevator pitch, then on to the next one. Still, with 33 new products on Wednesday’s opening day, it was two-hour slog to sit through it all. Continue Reading

  • Skyward Blog: Inspection and Maintenance is Key to Drone Safety

    By Brad Hayden for Skyward The recent sUAS NPRM from the FAA along with the proposed updates for current Section 333 exemption holders, will likely result in a surge in commercial sUAS. As for the UAS themselves, the NPRM or section 333 exemptions do not propose any requirements for airworthiness or for inspections by a certificated repairman. As a manned Continue Reading

  • Rotor & Wing Magazine Interviews Robotic Skies CEO Brad Hayden

    Rotor & Wing sat down with Robotic Skies President and CEO Brad Hayden to speak in-depth about the company, the UAS industry and the recent FAA/DOT NPRM on UAS.

  • UAS Will Present Flight Departments with Challenges, Opportunities

    At NBAA’s 2015 Leadership Conference last week, a panel of industry experts discussed the business and economic opportunities for unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), but also identified challenges that flight departments would face with incorporating UAS into their operations.

  • SkyWard and Robotic Skies partner to provide turn-key solution for UAS maintenance and compliance

    SkyWard and Robotic Skies have announced a partnership that teams the aviation expertise of each company to provide safety, compliance, and maintenance solutions to the unmanned aerial systems (UAS) community. Through SkyWard’s digital system of record and Robotic Skies’ global maintenance network UAS operators can easily track and manage their fleet, whether in the air or on the ground for routine Continue Reading

  • First Robotic Skies Drone Repair & Return-To-Service Completed

    Robotic Skies has completed its first repair of a commercial drone and returned it to operational service. The maintenance work was performed at Kings Avionics, Henderson, Nevada. Kings Avionics is one of nearly 60 Robotic Skies service centers located around the world. Chris Haskell, an FAA-certified avionics repairman, troubleshot and returned-to-operations a service-drone G4 1.4 unmanned aerial system to a US-based Continue Reading

  • Drones Create Whole New Market for Aviation

    When it comes to unmanned aircraft systems, the U.S. is falling behind, panelists at the recent National Business Aviation Association’s convention in Orlando told attendees during two seminars on unmanned aircraft.

  • Students Learn About a Wide Range of Career Opportunities in Business Aviation

    Career opportunities in the up-and-coming field of UAS, was the topic discussed by Brad Hayden of Robotic Skies. Hayden described the various kinds of UAS that currently exist and their role in the aviation industry.

    “I can guarantee that as a future aviation professional, you will be flying, operating, managing and maintaining robotic aircraft,” said Hayden. Hayden showed the students videos of UAS that demonstrated some of their current uses, including mapping, agricultural assessments and cooling tower inspections. Future uses of the aircraft are innumerable, and that is what makes the technology so exciting, according to Hayden.

  • Unmanned Aircraft Systems Represent a Change for Business Aviation

    UAS are the topic of a National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) panel discussion, Unmanned Aircraft Systems: Opportunities for Business Aviation to be held on Wednesday, October 22, 2014, at 1:30 p.m. in the Innovation Zone (Booth #288) of the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Moderated by Robotic Skies President & CEO Brad Hayden, this forum represents the first time UAS have been a focus at NBAA.

  • service-drone and Robotic Skies Complete Aviation-Level Maintenance Program for MULTIROTOR Line of sUAS

    service-drone and Robotic Skies announced today that FAA-certified repairman Chris Haskell has completed an intensive manufacturer training program to troubleshoot, maintain and repair service-drone’s MULTIROTOR™ line of small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS).

  • Unmanned Systems Incorporated Chooses Robotic Skies for Field Maintenance

    Unmanned Systems Incorporated (USI), a manufacturer of fixed wing unmanned aerial systems (UAS) currently utilized for training, has selected Robotic Skies as its maintenance and repair provider for its fleet of aircraft. Like all Robotic Skies customers, USI will receive customized service, troubleshooting, and field repair of its UASs throughout the United States and Canada.

  • Drones & airplanes: Mitigating the culture clash

    When strange newcomers appear on the threshold of any environment, the friction between them and the established residents stems from incomplete understanding of the prerequisites for safety and survival of both.

  • Field Maintenance and Repair for service-drone USA Awarded to Robotic Skies

    Service-drone USA, a German manufacturer of industrial-grade multirotor unmanned aerial systems (UAS), has selected Robotic Skies as its maintenance and repair provider for its airframes.

  • The Future of Unmanned Flight

    Known in the common tongue as drones, Unmanned Aircraft Systems are the futuristic aircraft experiencing a worldwide boom in both the military and commercial sector. But the rising stars in the UAS story are much-needed technologies that will allow them to safely sense and avoid all obstacles.

  • AeroTV: Inside AEA 2014 – Robotic Skies’ Brad Hayden

    Robotic Skies President and CEO Brad Hayden talks with ANN’s Jim Campbell about the opportunity for avionics repair stations to participate in the emerging commercial drone market at the 2014 Aircraft Electronics Association international convention. READ MORE

  • Aircraft Electronics Association 2014 Report

    Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) made an appearance at this year’s AEA show, not in the form of hardware but in a panel session sponsored by RoboticSkies, a company formed to serve the maintenance needs of the growing drone market. Headed by Brad Hayden, former v-p of marketing at Aspen Avionics, RoboticSkies is fielding a service network for drone operators. Hayden Continue Reading

  • Drone Support Takes Off With Robotic Skies

    Drones are coming to an air space near you — but who’s going to service and maintain those fleets of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)?  There’s a good chance it will be Brad Hayden’s company, Robotic Skies. READ MORE

  • Calif. drone-maker signs on with Robotic Skies of ABQ

    IsisCopter, a California drone manufacturer, will soon fly its unmanned vehicles into service stations operated by the newly formed Albuquerque company Robotic Skies. IsisCopter, which makes miniature drone helicopters, or hovering rotocraft, signed with Robotic Skies this week to access that company’s service network. READ MORE

  • Robotic Skies Sponsors Aircraft Electronics Association’s General Session Event on Drone Maintenance Opportunities

    From Drone-Aware to Drone-Savvy: Maintenance Opportunities For Commercial Unmanned Aerial Vechicles (UAVs) – sponsored by Robotic Skies The emerging drone market could create a tremendous new revenue stream for AEA members. To prepare you for these opportunities, the AEA presents a full course on drones – from applications to certification to training to sales. And we’ve tapped the top drone Continue Reading

  • Service network for drones takes flight in ABQ

    Santa Fe Aero Services is betting that, in a few years, unmanned aerial vehicles will regularly land at its local repair and maintenance stations for routine upkeep like private and corporate aircraft do today. The company, which runs aircraft maintenance and avionics centers in Santa Fe and Albuquerque, is one of the first operators to join the new “Robotic Skies” Continue Reading